Dockville Festival in Hamburg, Germany (2010)
Volt Festival in Uppsala, Sweden (2009)
Emoção Art.ficial 4.0 in São Paulo, Brazil (2008)
Changing Matters - the Resilience Art Exhibition in Stockholm, Sweden (2008)
Piksel Festival in Bergen, Norway (2007)
Gallery Takt in Berlin, Germany (2007)
Norberg Festival in Norberg, Sweden (2007)
New Media Meeting in Norrköping, Sweden (2006)

File Prix Lux 2010 - Honorary Mention (Interactive Art) / Public Epidemic No 1
Prix Ars Electronica 2010 - Honorary Mention (Digital Musics & Sound Art) / Harvest

You Know I Love You (2001), Flow My Tears the DJ Said (2002), Hold You (2003), Facing You Slowly (2004), A Gift To the Night (2004), Kill Rock’n’Roll (Let it Bleed) (2005), Songs For Good Lives (2005), Love Train (2005), Skiftet (2006), Saved in Dada Land (2006), The Truth Blending Consortium (2006), Big Time (2006), All We Need (Emergency) (2006), The Great Smorgasbord (2006), The Great Fashionista Swindle (2007), Vote Yes (2007), This Machine Kills Breakfasts (2007), Fun Fun Fun (2007), We Meow, You Roar (2007), The Tiger (2007), Sweeter Than Fever (2008), Cash In Drop Out (2008), Happy Hands & Happy Feet (2009), Just Do the Dada (2009), Hot Chocolate + Polar Bear Rug (2009)

Bachelor's degrees in musicology, journalism and political science at Uppsala and Stockholm University. Courses in philosophy.
Courses in composition at EMS - Institute for Electroacoustic Music in Sweden